Wednesday, 03 March 2021

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Another gratifying event of nightmare year was that our olive oil producers blew like a storm in the competitions they participated in the international arena.

Turkey attended to 15 contests, won 361 awards and got 17329.39 points, so that it climbed to 4th  best olive oils in the world. Considering that we were 8th in the previous year, I think it is very important in terms of showing the distance we have covered in the process under the shadow of the epidemic. As the country took the 4th place on the list, another thing happened. For the first time, a Turkish brand succeeded in entering the top 10. Nova Vera came in 6th with 56 medals and 2569 points won in 12 competitions. In the top 100, Hermus 17th (7 competitions, 29 awards), Öz-Em 47th (9 competitions, 18 awards), Oleamea 48th (7 competitions, 15 awards), Granpa 50th (6 competitions, 12 awards), Palamidas 67th (5 competitions, 10 awards) and Mavras ranked 84th (5 competitions, 9 awards).

Sure, the list is not limited to these;
Hilmi Yıldırım, Sydma, Büyükkarcı, Bozelli, Cumbalı, Purio, Olidya, Anafortis, Nermin Hanım, Edremit Chamber of Commerce, Gizem and Taiga were other brands that made us smile. I congratulate them all and say "Good thing that you exist".

We are the 4th in the world and now there is a Turk in the top 10

Turkey caught in a huge momentum rapidly increasing use of olive oil production in the world in recent years.

The United Nations (UN) report by the International Olive Council operating within Turkey, during the period 2016 to 2017 was the only country showing an increase in oil production.

The olive and olive oil brand Genius which is established by entrepreneurs Oğuz Bekir Çakır and Tarkan Karakaya, stands out with its high yield and high quality Spanish variety Arbequina olive production.

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